About Us

Fly Apparel designs clothes and accessories specifically for people who love to travel. Our clothes are comfortable and soft yet durable and most are wrinkle resistant so they travel well. 

Our clothes are designed to be mixed, matched and layered so you can pack less and travel light. We design clothes that are practical yet stylish and can go from plane to brunch or your favorite museum by simply adding a jacket or swapping shoes.  

We’re also big on all the feels so textures are super important to us which is why all our items are tag less. If it’s not soft and comfortable we don’t want it. 

Also, many items in our line are moisture wicking which means the fabric draws moisture away from the body so even when your visiting warm humid locations you’ll stay comfortable.

They are made of high-tech polyester, which, unlike cotton, absorbs very little water. ... Cotton will therefore hang onto your sweat, making your clothes heavy and unpleasantly clammy.

We offer sizes small-large and some designs come in plus sizes XL- 3XL and we are actively looking to expand to include plus sizes for all our designs.